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Like Sunrise gives you the start for the new day,

Rise Warmers give you the start to your track day

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Look! Here is a new era on Tire Warmer Design

Everybody know the tire warmers help you in terms of safety and of tire compound performances.

No matter if you are a top rider or a beginner. Tire Warmers are a must for any track day.


Side bands in insulating material, for a Top heating of the rim.

Available in one Universal size from 180/60 till  200/55.

Top heating, thanks to the Carbon heating wires,

Quality thermostats (Made in USA) for a REAL 80°C. This allows a proper heating. Less is unuseful, More and you throw the tire in the bin, loosing money.


Technical Specifications

*Carbon Heating wires,

* Side bands in insulating material,

* 80ºC thermostat,

* Single Red led to warn power and temperature reaching,

* Nylon fabric, Black color,

* EU plug,

* Flame retardant fabric innner and outer. No risk for your bike,

* Elastic tensioners. No need to pull cords at every fitment,

* Power Supply: 220V,

* Power Consumption (front+rear):850W,

* CE conformity. ROHS compliant.

About 170€ Competitor

Don’t Buy Rise Warmers for how they work today. BUY them for what they’ll do for you tomorrow.

Buy Buy

Rise Warmers is a product for the beginner with performance very similar to the SBK teams’ tire warmers. You buy today and don’t blame tomorrow.

Easy design and manufacturing allow to maintain the price  below the roof of 200€ that is the minimum for reliability and acceptable performance.